When you’re going to be on camera and are providing your own wardrobe, here are a few simple rules to follow.

• Avoid dark black.
• Avoid bright white
• Avoid heavily saturated reds and oranges
• Opt for neutral colors
• Everyone looks good in blue!

• Avoid busy patterns
• Avoid thin stripes

Logos and Designs
• No logos – unless it’s for your company or organization
• Avoid designs in general – unless there’s a specific purpose for the design.

Hair and Makeup:
• Check if there will be a hair and makeup person on set. If there is, we will provide specific instructions on what to do.
• If there will not be a hair and makeup person, the key is simplicity. If you normally wear makeup, go light, and avoid anything that sparkles – as tempting as it may be.

A Couple More Notes:
• Dress for comfort. Don’t try to look like someone other than who you see yourself to be; instead, dress like your best self.
• What if you show up with a black shirt or a logo? No big deal. We always ask for you to show up with the perfect wardrobe choices, but then we work with whatever you come in. We can make it work
• Also, bring a couple choices. That way, if you bring something that’s the exact same color as the background, you’ll have a choice, or if you spill something on your shirt, you’ll have a backup.


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