We’ve had so many new clients comment on our Video Production 101 video that it seems a good time to revisit it.

The video not only gives the viewer useful information about how to hire a video production company, it does exactly what we feel the best marketing videos do – it gives the viewer something of real value, while advancing the client’s agenda.

In this case, the thing of value is information – unbiased information that they can use to evaluate any video production company. The client happens to be us – GoodSide Studio, and it advances our agenda by showing us in a good light. Hopefully the talent (your truly) comes across and knowledgeable, clear and likable – someone you could work with. The video also showcases a number of fun video effects. The one caveat is that we produced this a few years ago, so it’s shot in SD or Standard Definition. Now we shoot everything in HD, so if you like something in this video and would like to implement it in your video, it will look even better – sharper and a little more clear.

So enough talking about video – let’s watch one:
Video Production 101

Matt Krzycki is a Seattle video producer and the Creative Director for award winning Seattle professional video production company, GoodSide Studio

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