All images are copyrighted. They are free for use on your personal device, but all other uses are prohibited without written permission.

Click any image to open in gallery mode. From there, you can save any image to your phone. If you need instructions, they can be found here.

Wallpapers for other devices can be found here.

Wallpaper For Tablets – Click Any Image

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1.    Click any image to open in Gallery Mode
2.    Tap and hold the image you want to use
3.    Select “Save Image”
4.    Go to Settings > Wallpaper
5.    Select “Choose a New Wallpaper.
6.    Select “Camera Roll (just below the stock images)
7.    Select the image (it should be the most recent picture in your camera roll)
8.    Select “Set”
9.    Select to set your lock screen, home screen or both.
10.    Done!
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