GoodSide produces professional time lapse and stop motion videos.

While similar, time lapse and stop motion are not exactly the same. Both involve taking single images, shot over time and assembling them to play quickly enough to form “persistence of vision,” or the impression of smooth motion. The difference is that time lapse assumes interval between each shot, and capturing whatever happens over that time, while stop motion allows the photographer to take whatever time they need to move the objects in frame before manually firing another shot.

Time lapse video is a great way to truncate an hour or a day of activity into a few seconds. It adds energy and momentum to your video, while giving the viewer a lot of information in a short time.

Stop motion video can be utilized to creatively show the motion of an appliance, or creatively draw interest to a product.

We specialize in time lapse and stop motion videos, and have shot them for companies such as Precor , American Express, and Dell. We’ve even shot time lapses for other Seattle video production companies and agencies. We’re happy to be a resource in your toolbox.

Here’s our Time Lapse & Stop Motion Reel: