Effective fundraising videos for nonprofits drive emotional engagement with the viewer, establish the legitimacy and efficacy of the organization, and inspire potential donors to action.

As a full-service video production company, GoodSide Studio understands the art and science of creating powerful fundraising videos that drive support for worthy causes. The mission of every nonprofit is unique, but our clients’ videos share the same key features.

STEP 1: Highlight the Need

This step speaks to the potential donor’s logical and skeptical brain. In the case of an emerging or overlooked cause, this step is crucial for raising awareness of the issue. Video isn’t limited to facts and figures; it takes the viewer right to the heart of the need.

STEP 2: Elicit Empathy

The research of neuroeconomist Paul Zak shows that watching a story with elements of sadness releases cortisol and oxytocin in the brains of the viewers.* Cortisol ensures that the viewer will pay attention, and oxytocin promotes feelings of connection and care. In addition to sounding super cool and nerdy, this means your potential viewers who will both comprehend, and connect with your message.

STEP 3: Establish Legitimacy and Efficacy

This step establishes your organization as a leader in addressing the issue, assuring potential contributors that a donation will not only feel good, but is their most effective route to make a positive impact.

STEP 4: Give Hope

After establishing the real problem, we give viewers hope of a real solution. Happiness and hope drive action.

STEP 5: The Ask

Some fundraising videos include an explicit ask; others don’t. Most of the fundraising videos we produce need to serve multiple purposes. That’s why we typically offer two versions. It’s a very cost effective way to repurpose your video.

We’ve produced fundraising videos for many non profits; United Way of Snohomish County, Youth Eastside Services, YouthCare, Trusera and many others. Some clients come to us with a script and a plan, while others come knowing they need a video, but are unsure how to start. We’ll meet you where you are, and work with you to produce a video that will achieve tangible positive results for your organization.