This is a “quick” stop motion video I shot to try out a couple techniques and promote stop motion as a marketing tool GoodSide offers to our clients. It took about 4 hours to shoot, though it took five iterations to get to a production quality that satisfied my expectations.

Stop motion is similar to time lapse, but not exactly the same. Time lapse video involves setting up a camera to fire at a regular interval and letting the action unfold in front of it. With stop motion, the photographer takes control of the camera, strategically adjusting the objects on “set” between each shutter release.

Stop motion’s virtue is that it’s eye catching; It’s punchy, fun and irresistible. When you need grab your target audience by the eyes, it’s a powerful tool!

One of the biggest challenges with stop motion video is getting the timing right. The first iteration I shot went entirely too fast, and I found I needed to break the “script” down to individual words and plan the timing in great detail. With each iteration, I improved the timing and added additional flair.

I utilized a motion tracker to add rotation to the video. Keeping the scene moving adds visual interest, and keeps the audience engaged.

This is just one example of how stop motion could be used in a marketing video to deliver a direct message. The viewer is engaged as they anticipate what words will be formed, and how it will all come together.

We produce stop motion and time lapse videos like this for our clients, agencies and even other Seattle video production companies. If you have an idea, or would like us to generate one for you, give us a shout!

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