No two videos are the same, and no two video production companies are the same either. When you take up the task of picking “the best” video production company, it’s really about picking the right one for your project; a vendor you’ll enjoy working with, and one you can count on to deliver.

1.   Visit the Home Page of their Website.
Do they lead with video or words about video? If video is really their core business, and they have a mature body of work, they’ll lead with actual video. Here’s an example:

2.   Watch Their Reel and Look at Their Work Samples.
Look for general quality and scope of work. They should show off a little. Do you like their style? Does it show energy and enthusiasm? We’re very proud of ours:

In addition to a reel, you should find several videos that represent work they’ve done for clients. Evaluate their work, both for quality and variety. It’s not essential that they show a project exactly like yours, bu­t they should show some work in the same vein.

3.   Read Their About Us Page.
This is where they get to tell their own story. Do you like the story and the way it’s told? Maybe you’re looking for a level of maturity, or maybe a sense of creativity is more important. You’re picking a team that you may be working very closely with on your important project. Do you think you’ll enjoy working with them, and do they inspire confidence in their ability to get it done?

4.   Read Testimonials from Their Clients.
Nothing will tell you more about what it’s like to work with than them the words of past clients. Do they have comments about pricing and workflow in addition the quality of their work?

5.   Watch Video Production 101.
This short video will give you enough information about the video production process to know what to ask for, and how to be sure you’re getting it.


Here’s a link to five crucial questions you should ask any video production company
on your first call:


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