GoodSide offers live streaming over Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and other popular platforms.

Whether you call it live streaming, web broadcasting, webcasting, or simulcasting, it’s a powerful tool that creates visibility and engagement for your organization . . . but not if you’re using shaky, amateur phone video with bad audio.

We’ve talked with several clients who tried streaming events with a tablet or phone. They loved the immediacy, but were embarrassed by the quality. Phones and tablets have poor zooming ability and inadequate audio capabilities. It’s even worse if someone is trying to hold the device while filming. You don’t want to make your audience sea sick!

If you want to look and sound like a professional, you need to stream like a professional. That’s where we come in!

We stream with professional video cameras and microphones to focus in on the action, and capture clear audio and video. With a professional lens, we can zoom in on a speaker 50 feet away, and with a wireless microphone, we can hear them clearly.

We offer professional features, such as:

  • The ability to switch between multiple cameras to show a variety of angles.
  • Graphics overlays in live video.
  • Full screen slides
  • And many other features that take your video from amateur hour to professional presentation.

Live streaming used to be difficult and expensive — only for big rock concerts and huge events. But recently, the technology has become smaller and less expensive. GoodSide has done the research and invested in tools that enable us to bring professional streaming within reach of more modest budgets.

Now that streaming is affordable, the uses are endless. For example:

  • An all-day event starts streaming in the morning to increase attendance by afternoon.
  • A charity auction streams their event live and uses Facebook’s “Donate Now” function to increase giving.
  • Employees in multiple locations attend a company-wide meeting through a live feed.

When you stream live through a professional video camera, you can also record the footage and edit it later into a polished program. GoodSide Studio is a full service Seattle video production company, so we can handle all aspects of your video, from script to screen.

Got ideas or questions? Just hit the Contact button at the top of the page. We’re ready to talk about your project and meet your video production needs.