Live Streaming Video Production

Seattle video production company, GoodSide Studio now offers professional live streaming for events and presentations.

We can stream your event, presentation or meeting live over Facebook, YouTube or other popular platforms. Our experienced videographers shoot with pro cameras, with high quality lenses and microphones, to ensure you both see and hear your subject clearly.

Check out our Live Streaming Services page for a more in-depth discussion of live streaming, why you might want to utilize it, and how what we’re offering is a step above what you may be doing, or thinking of doing currently.

This is a quick post to make a home for our inaugural live post from earlier in 2017. We wanted to do more than tell you how live streaming works. We wanted to show you! So we wrote out a couple bullet points and headed to Gasworks, a local park. What you see here is a downloaded and re-posted version of the original stream.

Our three purposes were to:
• Let the world know we now offer professional live streaming.
• Explain the advantages of live streaming and Facebook live streaming – engagement. People are drawn to and engage with live streams.
• Explain what we’re doing that’s a little different – we’re using professional cameras, lenses and microphones, plus we offering professional features, like multiple cameras, graphic overlays, full screen graphics and pre-recorded material.

When you’re ready to talk about streaming video, or any video production, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’ve had clients who come with a script and shooting plan in hand, but we also meet with plenty of clients who’ve never had a video produced before. We meet you where you are in the process, and work with you to produce a video that accomplishes your goals.

GoodSide Studio is one of Seattle’s premiere video production companies, and Matt Krzycki is our Creative Director. He can be reached at

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