Audio Dubbing

Audio dubbing over video has been given a bad name by bad kung fu movies, but it does work in the right situation – when we don’t see the actors’ lips moving. If you’re producing a marketing video or a training video that is motion graphics based, or has a narrator, rather than talking actors.


  • Less expensive than producing your video in each target language
  • Works for less literate audiences
  • Good solution if the need to localize comes up after the original video was produced in English


  • Beware of the bad Kung Fu effect
  • As long as we’re not seeing lips move out-of-sync with the audio, it works.

GoodSide Studio is a Seattle Video Production Company, and we’re produced numerous videos in several target languages, for overdubbing and for subtitles, which is the subject of next week’s blog post.

Matt Krzycki is a Video Producer in Seattle.

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