When your corporate or training video needs to play to a non-English speaking audience, there are three ways to do it and Seattle Video Production Company, GoodSide Studio is experienced with all three. This is the first in a three part series on localizing your video.

Shoot in the Target Language

If budget allows, the best option is usually to shoot and produce the video in each of the languages it will be shown in. Below you’ll find a link to the English version of the video we produced for ICANN and below that, take a look at the Mandarin version. We also shot this video in Arabic, Spanish French and Russian.

The real advantage of this method is that each version speaks directly to it’s audience and avoids leaving the audience feel like they were an afterthought. The only down side is it’s a more expensive way to produce your video. On this shoot, we worked with translators to help our teleprompter operator, video director, videographer and video editor.

The Next Big .Thing – in English







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