When you’re searching for a video production company, your Google search will show, along with GoodSide Studio, hundreds of other video production companies, so we’re honored when you’ve clicked on our site.

Usually our home page is where you first land. We believe the quality of our work is the most compelling reason to hire us, so right there on the home page, we have a banner reel showing several featured projects. If it was me, the next place I’d click is the Our Work Page. There you’ll find the work samples broken up into categories – Corporate Videos, Marketing Videos, Training Videos and Our Reel.

Hopefully the work made a positive impression, but you still have to decide if we’re a team you will enjoy working with, so most visitors check Our Testimonials. We have awesome clients and many of them have been kind enough to write a few words about their experience.

Does this sound like your experience? Did you find the information you needed? Was something missing? We’d like to know – send us an email: Studio@GoodSideStudio.com.


Matt Krzycki is the Creative Director at GoodSide Studio. We’re a full service Seattle Video Production Company, specializing in Marketing, Training and Corporate Video.


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