Everyone wants their video on the web. Fortunately, putting your video online is easier than ever. Once upon a time, this would have been a long, technical posting. Today it’s so easy, I could almost tweet everything you need to know.

For almost everyone, and almost every case, the only choice you have to make is YouTube or Vimeo. Often, the best answer is both.

Put your video on YouTube because it’s great for SEO and it’s far more likely to be seen on YouTube’s site than on Vimeo’s site.

But you want the video on your web site – and that’s what Vimeo is best for. You can embed either YouTube or Vimeo on a web page, but Vimeo yields better quality video and offers more customization – most importantly, you can hide Vimeo’s branding entirely and the ability to update the video, if you ever need to.

When we produce a video for you, we’ll give you the perfect file for uploading. That’s your one-two punch guide to getting your video see online.

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