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Time Lapse and Stop Motion Reel

GoodSide is a professional video production company in Seattle. We produce a variety of types of video; among our favorite are time lapses and stop motion.

Time lapse and stop motion are quite similar, but not identical. With a time lapse, the camera is set to fire at a regular interval, so it will compress time, but in a consistent manner, while with a stop motion, the camera is fired strategically, either as the subject has moved itself, or after the photographer has moved the subject.

Both time lapse and stop motion photography bridge the gap between still photography and video production. While the images are usually shot as stills, on a stills camera, they are assembled to produce a video just the same way single images shot by a videographer might be used by a video editor.

We produce professional time lapse and stop motion videos for individual clients, agencies, other Seattle video production companies, and even video production companies around the globe.