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Client: ICANN

Corporate, Marketing

Client Testimonial:
No matter what the project, I know I can count on GoodSide to provide a reasonable estimate, creative ideas, and thorough follow through; completing everything on time and within budget. They are extremely knowledgeable, professional, and responsive. I’m confident I’m in good hands when they are on the project!

—Michele Jourdan
Manager of New gTLD Communications ICANN

Case Study:
You’ve probably never heard of ICANN, or gTLDs, but both are essential to how the internet works. ICANN sets policy for the internet, and if you want to know what gTLDs are, you’ll have to watch the video!

ICANN needed to spread the word about new gTLDs, without being overly “salesey.” Of all the video production companies in Seattle, ICANN chose GoodSide Studio. We suggested a “behind the scenes” theme, to show transparency and veracity, while creating visual interest with cutting edge motion graphics.

We worked intensively with the client to write a script that covered some fairly dense and technical information in a meaningful, but accessible manner.

Next we found an amazing location to match the feel of the “behind the scenes” script. Once the script was written, we had it translated in culturally appropriate language to all the official languages of the U.N. – Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.

With scripts in hand, we set about auditioning and casting actors who were native speakers of each language, and found excellent talent for each role.

We shot over three days, working with a teleprompter operator, and translator for each language. As the video director, I depended on the translators for the accuracy and clarity of their words. They did not let us down!

This video is the English version. We used motion graphics to highlight the key points and enhance the learning in this video.

Check it out, and let us know what you think.

Matt Krzycki
Creative Director
GoodSide Studio