Seattle Video Production Crew

Categories: Training Video, Corporate Video, Our Video Reels

When your production company or agency has a shoot in the northwest, whether you need a single operator for a run and gun, a full production team, or individual crew members, GoodSide Studio has the resources you need. We’re located in Seattle. We’ve shot for dozens of production companies and agencies throughout the state and nationally.

We will always represent your brand well. You can count on up-to-date cameras, reliable equipment, and competent people who will behave in a professional manner around your client. We’re happy to work under your direction, if you’re coming to town. Or, if you need us to work independently, and call the shots, and conduct the interviews, we can handle that, too. It’s what we do for our in town clients all the time.

We can also do the edit, and deliver a final product to your client. Or, if you’re handling it, we’re happy to turn over the footage. We’ll upload the files to the sharing platform of your choice, or drop it to your hard drive at the end of the shoot. If you want your files on the original recording media, we can just include that in the cost of the job, or record to media that you provide.

We’re flexible, reliable, and easy to work with. We can often accommodate even last minute bookings. Give us a call at (206) 322-1576, or send an email to If it’s urgent, or a last minute booking, you can also text or call my direct line at (206) 334-6288.