Client: Precor

Corporate, Marketing

Case Study:
Precor hired Seattle video production company, GoodSide Studio to produce this marketing video that looks and acts like an educational video.

Preva is a key fob that provides a personalized fitness experience across a variety of Precor exercise equipment. It builds loyalty to the gym and to Precor equipment – if users embrace it.

Truth is, it’s dead simple – watch the video and you’ll agree, but there is a small learning curve, and potential user resistance to adding another fob to their key-chain. On top of that, we’re asking gym users to make a small modification to their routine. Anyone who is a regular gym goer knows how protective we can be of our gym time, and how we spend it!

The video is intended to be watched on the video monitors attached to Precor exercise machines, right there in the gym – orienting the user on the spot, so it had to be quick, and needed to convey all the information visually – we couldn’t assume users would plug in their headphones. In under a minute, the video we produced shows not less than seven different ways users could hang on to their Preva chip. The video achieve its clear and simple purpose – to overcome users’ resistance to adding another key fob to their lives.

The client was thrilled with the video we produced – we were told it exceeded their expectations. As a video production company, we love projects like this; the purpose was clear, the need for brevity encouraged snappy editing, the talent was great, and the location was beautiful.

This is a case where the client came to us with a plan and a script. They knew exactly what they wanted, they just need a video production company to execute on their plan. We also take on many clients who are much less clear on how their video will take shape. We work with clients to write their script, cast actors (or help people within their organization be their on-screen talent), find locations, and every other task you can imagine.

Whether you have a script in hand, or are just starting to think about video, we’re a Seattle video production company ready to meet you where you are in the process and make sure you get across the finish line showing your GoodSide! (See what we did there!)

Matt Krzycki
Creative Director
GoodSide Studio