Categories: Corporate, Marketing

Client: Microsoft

In this straightforward Microsoft interview series, leaders from the PQO Division of Microsoft lay out their plans for the future. This video features PQO Business Manager Julie Lynch discussing the new framework for comprehensive customer communications.


Video Transcript: 

Hello. I am Julie Lynch, the Business Manager for PQO.

I’m proud to be part of such an innovative organization that is committed to making a significant impact on how customers experience support from Microsoft products.

We are doing so many great things to achieve our goals of people, financials, CPE, and market share, but we could do so much more with a comprehensive approach to communications.

The following framework was designed to provide a holistic view of communications with all audiences across PQO, CSS, Microsoft, and all external stakeholders as well, such as customers, partners, MVP’s, and industry analysts.

The first component of that framework is to educate, to insure that all of PQO understands the value we deliver and can speak to our innovation and impact. To educate CSS and all of Microsoft about what we do, why it is innovative, and how it is impacting our customers and partners.

Next, to collaborate. Collaborate across organizations to achieve goals and align our resources most efficiently. And collaborate to help Microsoft partners in the entire support ecosystem better sell and support Microsoft technology.

Also, to participate. Participate in the ecosystem of Microsoft support and the support community and extend that ecosystem to reach more customers.

Next is to advocate. Share the PQO story with the external community, potential employees, key industry analysts, MVP’s, customers, partners. Advocate for Microsoft as the leader in the industry for support as a differentiator.

And let’s elevate; elevate the position of Microsoft as industry leader in the support experience. Improve perceptions of the Microsoft support experience.

Update. Update the community, the partners, MVP’s, and customers, on the results of their feedback, the changes that we have made and the impact of those changes. Share information across groups and keep updated on data points, progress, what is working, what is not working.

And, finally, appreciate. Reward and recognize the behavior we seek within PQO, CSS, and Microsoft, and also that of our customers.

Thank our customers, our partners, our MVP’s, and the community at large, for their contributions to product quality and online support.

If we follow this framework and execute well, we have every opportunity to drive home the four goals of people, financials, CPE, and market share, but we need everyone to participate.

All of you in PQO are ambassadors for PQO and you all have an obligation to tell the story. Get feedback. Collaborate.

If you aren’t sure what you can do to help, ask. If you are in Microsoft, but not PQO, this is what you can expect from us but we need you too. We can’t collaborate alone.

Please take a look at the PQO site. We will keep this updated and use this as our primary communication vehicle for posting information. We will send a bulletin to a broad audience monthly with links to key updates to the site.

Please send an email to me, Julie Lynch, alias J-L-Y-N-C-H, to be added to the alias for PQO bulletins.

We also host a PQO speaker series with monthly presentations. You will find event information on the site and we’ll also use the alias to send invitations to the speaker series.

Thank you for your time.