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Dawn Airey has a powerful onboarding video message for new employees that gets to the heart of Getty Image’s company culture. Looking directly at the camera, she drives home her expectations that “you be kind, supportive and generous” because “people here have a very astute B.S. detector.” BAM! She’s a straight shooter.

As the CEO of a fortune 500 company, Ms. Airey is busy and her time is valuable. As a professional, corporate video producer, we’re accustomed to working with C level execs; they’ve got time constraints and pressures, so we streamline the process to keep it brief — but make the executive look professional and natural at the same time.

Getty Images is global, visually-stimulating brand that demands high quality work and we delivered a high quality product consistent with their brand image: an onboarding video with crisp visuals, clean audio, and warm, natural lighting that makes newbies feel like they landed their dream job!