Categories: Marketing

Client: Everett School District

The Everett School District uses this marketing and recruitment video nationwide to attract the best teachers, administrators and staff.


Video Transcript:

A: The work we do is the world’s most important work. We are taking care of children and there’s nothing more important than that.

B: No matter what you do, whatever job anyone has as an adult, it started with a teacher. It has to start with public education.

Karen: No matter what you’re looking for in a teaching job, you can find it in the Everett public schools. If you have a second language, we have a student who speaks that language, odds are. We have opportunities to work with special ed students, we have opportunities to work with children who have lots of resources at home, and children who have very few resources at home. We have 26 schools, we have 3 high schools, and an alternative high school, we have 5 middle schools, and 17 elementary schools. And although that seems like a lot, everyone knows everyone, it just feels like a big, hardworking, student-focused team in here.

B: And you’re going to have a principal and administration that is on your side, they will support you in doing things that you want to do to help the kids learn.

A: So if you really are an excellent teacher and you really want to do a good job, this is the place to do that, because you’ll be working with other people just like you, and in addition, you will get the support that you need to do the best job for each of the students. You’ll get the curriculum materials, you’ll have access to technology, you’ll have many opportunities for high-quality professional development.

C: You just can’t do any better than the Everett Public Schools.