Clients often ask “When you finish my video, what will I GET?” It’s a legitimate question. When you pay for your groceries, you know what the deliverables are, but when having a video produced, it may not be as clear. Here are a couple options:

Digital Master – Usually a .mov file. If your plan is to post the video online at YouTube, Vimeo or a similar site, we’ll give you a high quality master that you can upload. We will either send this to you over the internet, or give you a data DVD with the file on it. If you’re going to play the video on a laptop, and project to a very big screen, we’ll give you an even bigger master file.

Playable DVD – Most clients still want a playable DVD. This is a DVD that you can put in any set top player and (almost) any computer or laptop and play – just like a video you rented from Netflix. The DVD can have a full menu and most of the extra features you’d find on a Hollywood blockbuster DVD.

Which one is right for you? Most clients get both. The Digital Master is useful for sharing the video with the widest audience, and the Playable DVD is simple and easy.

Matt Krzycki is the Creative Director for GoodSide Studio, an award winning, Seattle Video Production Company specializing in Marketing and Training Video. We work with the best producers, videographers and editors anywhere! You can see samples of our work HERE!


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