The Rialto Beach Time Lapse – Processing

Most astrophotograhers would agree, it’s an endeavor that can disrupt your sleep schedule. If you missed the previous post, on shooting the Rialto Beach Time Lapse, […]

The Rialto Beach Time Lapse – Shooting

If you’ve read my blog, you know I’m the Creative Director at  GoodSide Studio, at Seattle video production company by day, and a landscape astrophotographer by […]

Milky Way Time Lapse Over Mount St. Helens

A couple of times each summer, I take a day or two off from my job at a Seattle video production company, and travel to some […]

Milky Way Cover Photos for FaceBook

All images are copyrighted. They are free for use on your personal device, but all other uses are prohibited without written permission. Click any image to […]