Lake Tipsoo Star Trails

Star Trails Over Tipsoo Lake I’ve wanted to shoot star trails for a couple of years, but with a list of creative projects that grows by […]

The Rialto Beach Time Lapse – Processing

Most astrophotograhers would agree, it’s an endeavor that can disrupt your sleep schedule. If you missed the previous post, on shooting the Rialto Beach Time Lapse, […]

The Rialto Beach Time Lapse – Shooting

If you’ve read my blog, you know I’m the Creative Director at  GoodSide Studio, at Seattle video production company by day, and a landscape astrophotographer by […]

Milky Way Time Lapse Over Mount St. Helens

A couple of times each summer, I take a day or two off from my job at a Seattle video production company, and travel to some […]