How to Localize Video – Method 3: Subtitles

Subtitles aren’t just for artsy foreign movies anymore! Subtitling is the simplest method to localize your video. Advantages: Usually the least costly method Simple after-the-fact fix […]

How to Localize Video – Method 1: Shoot in the Target Language

When your corporate or training video needs to play to a non-English speaking audience, there are three ways to do it and Seattle Video Production Company, […]

New Cinematography Reel

Like other video production companies in Seattle, at GoodSide Studio, we like to show off our work. Last week, we uploaded a new cinematography reel. It […]

A Little Bit of Fame

Recently, while watching the multi Emmy Award winning show, Homeland, I saw a face I recognized. It turns out the small, but important part was played […]