Matt KrzyckiMatt Krzycki
Creative Director

Matt’s background is in Video Production and Marketing Management. Because his experience isn’t limited to film school and video production, he has a more mature understanding of the results-focused business world. He’s been in the client’s shoes when it comes to selecting and managing a vendor.

Other Seattle video production companies and video producers may be more interested in special effects and expensive shots than in understanding and communicating the client’s message. That’s not the way it works at GoodSide Studio. We begin with your goals in mind and every step serves to advance them.

Early in his career as a video producer, Matt worked on TV, feature film and commercial productions, just before the digital revolution. He’s excited to see how new technology has made video production more accessible and at the same time, has a great respect for the formal production system. He believes this balance of the old and the new sets GoodSide apart from those in our industry who have not embraced change as flexibly and also from semi-professional enthusiasts who lack respect for what came before.

We hope you’ll contact us soon to help you with your video project.

Show Your GoodSide,

Matt Krzycki