Who is GoodSide?

GoodSide Studio is a Full-Service Seattle Video Production Company.

What differentiates us from other Seattle video production companies is our personalized, client-focused service and our ability to scale flexibly to meet the needs of each project.

We serve organizations in Puget Sound and across the globe, producing compelling visual content for nationally recognized companies, as well as local nonprofits, PR agencies and small businesses. Check out our work.

Why Choose GoodSide?

With so many video production companies in Seattle, why would you choose GoodSide Studio to produce your project?

Obviously the quality of the work comes first, but you also need confidence in the team, and you should love working with them. We strive to be something more than just a vendor to our clients – a valued partner. You can read more about our process here.

We count listening and scaling are among our most important skills. Our first task is to ask questions and listen until we’re certain we understand your project and your goals. We remain focused on those goals throughout the process.

We bring the right tools – videographers, editors, motion graphics artists, and all the equipment needed to successfully complete your project, but never a bloated crew or budget. Read more about pricing here.

We believe all of this makes us one of Seattle’s best video production companies.

We Focus on Results

You want viewers to take action – to support your cause, to buy your product, to follow your lead, or to relate to point of view. GoodSide is your partner with the right tools and techniques to produce engaging videos that will move your audience to action.

We produce persuasive visual content:

  • Marketing videos, with beautiful product shots and testimonials
  • Corporate videos, incorporating interviews with
    everyone from assembly-line workers to C-level executives
  • Event videos with multiple cameras
  • Fundraising videos with stakeholder interviews
  • Training videos using instructional design techniques

GoodSide Studio was founded in 2003 by Creative Director Matt Krzycki who developed a passion for cinematograpy when he began working in film and television in 1995. Matt’s years of video production experience, plus background in organizational communications and knowledge of instructional design gives him the techniques to produce high quality content that drives traffic and gets results.