Sharpen the Saw

The final habit is sometimes the hardest to make time for. It’s the story of the woodsman who is sawing and sawing to cut down a giant tree before the end of the day. He was working twice as fast, with half the efficacy because his saw was a worn, dull blade.

Someone came along and said – “Hey, woodsman – you should sharpen your saw. You could cut that tree down twice as fast with half the effort.”

The woodsman replied – “I don’t have time to sharpen my saw – I have to cut down this tree”

We’re all guilty of it. In my world, there are estimates to generate, proofs to review, shoots to prep for and an endless multitude of tasks that NEED to be done, but I also have to make time for training on new skills, looking at the work of others and keeping up on what’s coming next.

I hope you enjoyed these quick notes on how the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People applies to video production.

Matt Krzycki is the Creative Director and Lead Producer at GoodSide Studio, an award winning video production company in Seattle Washington. GoodSide specializes in marketing and training video and focuses on web video.

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