Think win/win has been used as a parody of meaningless business speak, but if we stop to give it a moment, it’s pretty wise stuff. It suggests that in your relationships, you seek solutions that benefit both sides.

Who does your video help “win?” Of course, it needs to help YOU win – after all, you’re footing the bill! You can do that most effectively when you think win-win, and  strive for a solution that benefits yourself AND the viewer.

Don’t just hit them over the head with an old school “we’re the best,”message. Use the opportunity of their attention to give them something back in the form of information, knowledge or learning. Rather than “our widget is better than the other guy’s widget,” try “here’s an innovative way you can use widgets to improve your life.” Yes, it’s still self-serving, but it also serves the viewer. And that is the only reason they are watching.

I utilized this strategy in the marketing of GoodSide Studio. Video Production 101 is a video we produced to help potential clients understand the overall video production process.

As the host of the video, I’m direct that the purpose of the video is to encourage clients to choose GoodSide Studio, but the majority of the video is dedicated to giving viewers the information they need to pick a great video production company.

Take a look:




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