Putting first things first is habit #3. Sounds like a statement of the obvious, right? But think how often we put a priority that should be first behind others that don’t deserve such exalted status. This refers not only to sequence, but emphasis.

Video is great at delivering  your message to your audience effectively, but still, you only get a very short amount of your potential audience’s attention. Less than you think, and even less than that. The solution is to maximize the impact of that little bit of attention by putting first things first.

If you have MANY points that you’d like to make with your video, pick your top FEW – two to three if you can and let go of the rest. Letting go may be hard, but the choice is easy – really getting through to your audience on what’s most important, or losing them to information overload.

I’ve made my most important point, so now I will end this post. That’s how ya gotta be.

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