Synergize is another one of those business speak terms that gets tossed around so much that it has lost much of its meaning, but it’s still a useful concept.

To synergize is to combine the abilities and efforts of more than one person to achieve an outcome greater than what any one of them could have achieved. This sounds like a video production crew to me!

As the Creative Director of GoodSide Studio, I’ve had the opportunity to work with  lots of videographers, editors, grips, teleprompter operators and makeup artists. I’ve  seen the vast difference between the ones who are fairly good and the ones who are great. Over the years, I’ve built lasting relationships with the ones I think are great. They are the ones you’ll see on your shoot. These people are so important because video production is a very collaborative art form.

As a director, I may see a shot one way, but a talented videographer (also called a Director of Photography or DP) may suggest another that improves on its impact.

The teleprompter operator knows tricks that will make it easier for the talent to give a great read.

Other crew members know how many lights a circuit can take or even something as simple but important as when lunch will get here.

Short version is – when you hire a video production company, you’re not just hiring the person you meet or talk on the phone with, but the team they bring to the production. At the risk of bragging, GoodSide Studio’s crews are fantastic. We’ve worked together time and time again, we like each other and we work well together.

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