We often work with clients who haven’t done a video before and are not quite sure what the actual day of production will look like. Shoots come in all different shapes and sizes, but here are a couple common scenes:

Documentary Style Shoot:

This is the smallest type of shoot. Often it’s just a Videographer and a Producer. We might also need a sound engineer or an assistant – but the point is to be small and fast. These shoots are not scripted, but they should be planned. We should know in advance what kind of content we’re after.

Scripted Location Shoot:
The crew for these is usually a bit bigger – 3-5. We’re in the same place all day, or a limited number of locations, and the biggest difference is often around lighting. Where natural light is acceptable for Documentary Shoots, a higher production level is expected from this kind of shoot. Here, we’re taking advantage of what the location has to offer. For example, if we’re doing a video based around a kitchen sink, it usually makes more sense to use a real one than it does to build one in a studio.

Scripted Studio Shoot:
A studio shoot is a lot like a location shoot. The advantage of a studio is a big, controlled space. One of the biggest advantages is sound insulation. You’d be amazed (and frustrated) by how much time video production companies in Seattle or anywhere have to spend waiting for airplane noise to pass. And don’t even start me on leaf blowers!

These are just a few examples of productions. At GoodSide Studio, we scale up and down to bring just the right crew for every project.

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