Field Replacement Guide

Client: Isilon

Isilon is the global leader in scale out storage. This Isilon training video is one in a series created to help field technicians solve problems more efficiently and save the company money.


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“It was a pleasure working with GoodSide Studio. They were extremely organized and professional. We had a very tight timeline for our project and GoodSide Studio put in the extra hours needed to meet our deadlines. The finished product exceeded our expectations and will be used as a global training device for years to come.”

—Mike Rowton
Project Manager
Isilon Systems

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Video Transcript:

No tools are required for this task. Remove the faceplate. Depending on the hardware, the faceplate might differ. On Legacy 2U nodes, if the faceplate does not open easily, loosen the node and extend it a few inches. In nodes with 12 drives at the front, they are numbered like this. NL Series and 4UX series nodes and have a total of 36 drives, 24 in the front numbered like this and 12 more in the rear numbered like this. S200 nodes have 24 drives numbered from left to right like this.

A red light next to the drive indicates that it has failed. Unlatch and remove the failed drive from the node. Remove the replacement hardware from the packaging. Save the packaging to return the failed hardware to Isilon, using the return label provided. Open the latch and seat the replacement drive in the bay. Close the latch to secure the drive. Note that the red light stays on and will remain on until you add the drive to the node. Lastly, replace the faceplate.

When you have completed the replacement add the drive to the node using the Isilon web administration interface, the command line, or the front panel. If you encounter any difficulties when performing this task, contact Isilon Product Support.

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